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Vegetable Cutting Machine

Vegetable Cutting Machine

Vegetable Cutting Machine always comes where mass production is there so to keep up regular production in time for bulk vegetables the machines are widely used. Mainly Catterers, Hotels & Restaurants, NGOs, Hostels, Corporate Kitchens/Canteens etc.


  • Body of machine is made from aluminum with S.S. Sharp edges blades & Slicers.
  • Delivery Plate is also available.
  • As per required sizes of vegetable blades are set.
  • Easy Changability of Blades
  • Cutting type
  • Slicer Cutting
  • Pce.Cutting
  • Khaman Cutting
  • Slicer Cutting - 1 mm., 3 mm., 10 mm, 20 mm.
  • Piece Cutting - 10 mm., 10 X 10 mm, 20 X 20 mm
  • Khaman Cutting
  • Cutting for Potato, Finger Chips, Gourd, Brinjal, Cabbage, Tomato, Radish Chilly, Beetroot, Cucumber, Coriander Leaves, Power of Ladu, Coconut slicer.
  • Proper Cleaning of Machine give better life to Machine
  • Capacity of machine 80 Kg. 300 Kg.
  • Hand operated version of Machine is also available on special demand.

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